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Helix currently supports 72 amplifier models, 194 effects, 37 speaker cab models, and 16 microphones. On top of all that you also have the ability to load Impulse Responses (IRs) that you can grab from free or paid sources. Go have fun.

Agua 51 (Aguilar® DB51)

Agua 51, the Helix model of a Aguilar® DB51

Recorded using the default amp and cab settings for this model. The performance was recorded using an ESP "The Surveyor" bass using both J and P bass pickups set all the way on. A little touch of reverb added for depth. All Helix bass amp demos use the same performance, for easy comparison.

This amp is a bit of a mystery, since there's only a single reference on the Internet for it. It may have been misnamed by Line 6, and meant to be the Aguilar DB 751, which is a high-powered hybrid bass amp composed of a tube preamp section married to a MOSFET power amp.

The amp sits inside an impressive rack-mounted chassis that looks a bit old-school sci-fi.


jova_81 - Jan. 17, 2020

Like this sound

marculi - Sept. 30, 2020

Can I download that?

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