Frequently Asked Questions

What's this all about anyway?

What is this website for?

Fluid Solo is an easy-to-use site for sharing patches used in the Line 6 Helix family, including the HX Effects and Pod Go.

Who built this site?

Fluid Solo is a project by Jorge Rosas (@jorgexls on Twitter). This site is a labor of love. Once you're logged in, you can access a contact form to email Jorge directly.

Visit Jorge on LinkedIn here.

Click here to view Jorge's profile and uploaded tones.

What about

Lots of love for! I have spent many hours poring through the patches on that site, for many years over several generations of Line 6© devices. As cool as is, I wanted a deeper level of functionality so I created this site in the hopes that other will also find it useful.

OK, what is better about this site?

Some cool features you may appreciate:

  • When you upload a patch, the site discovers the "blocks" that make up the patch, and this is done for you automatically. To upload a patch, you only supply a few details. This enables you to quickly see the effects that make up a patch and you can "deep search" for patches with specific effects.
  • Patches are categorized by Performance Type, such as direct, 4 cable method, front of amp, etc.
  • Your patch information can contain a Youtube and/or Soundcloud link, and they'll be embedded directly into the "view a patch" page.
  • You have the ability to upvote a patch, and patches can be sorted by upvotes or by number of downloads.
  • You can view details on each effect/amp/cabinet that's available in Helix, and get a description of the details, plus patches that contain that particular effect.
  • Browse all Helix models and effects by category.
  • Both patches and individual effects have comments enabled.
  • Your profile page allows you to upload a picture and details about yourself.

But I use HX Effects (or some other unsupported device) - Why do you hate me?

Hey we added HX Effects support in July of 2022!

Is there a fee to use Fluid Solo?

Fluid Solo is free to use. No charge! There may be ways to support this site in the future, but nothing at this point.

Are you affiliated with Line 6©?

Fluid Solo is not endorsed or affiliated by Line 6©.