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Helix currently supports 72 amplifier models, 194 effects, 37 speaker cab models, and 16 microphones. On top of all that you also have the ability to load Impulse Responses (IRs) that you can grab from free or paid sources. Go have fun.

Vital Boost (Earthquaker Devices Life Boost)

Vital Boost, the Helix model of a Earthquaker Devices Life Boost

Recorded using a Charvel 475 Classic. Amp was the Archetype Clean model at default amp and cab settings. The Vital Boost was also set at default settings.

The Earthquaker Devices Life pedal is a distortion and boost with a blendable octave engineered in collaboration with SUNN.

The pedal has three main sections distortion, octave and boost. The distortion section is faithful to everyone's favorite old Rat pedal down to the original LM308 IC chips and tantalum capacitors. The octave section is based on a couple old Shin-Ei, octave fuzz pedals and the boost section is a MOSFET design that'll stay clean pretty much up until you don't want it to anymore.

One thing worth mentioning with that Octave is that it is an analog design, meaning it's monophonic. So you're basically going to get along best with playing single notes up the neck near the 12th fret on the neck pickup, just like your standard sort of Octavia type effects. It's probably easy to think that this pedal is just designed to do the drone metal thing and it definitely does that, but it actually does a lot more too. I've really enjoyed that. It is kind of just the best Rat you're maybe ever gonna hear along with a really cool octave sound and a boost.

This model represents the Boost mode of the pedal. There is no Octave mode in the boost. There is a separate model for the distortion mode, the Vital Dist.

Description source: Chicago Music Exchange / Reverb


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