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Fluid Solo supports all models of the Line 6 Helix family, including HX Stomp and Pod Go, including Pod Go Wireless. For more information, head on over to the FAQ.

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Command Center Explained
March 6, 2021

YouTube Helix guru Steve Sterlacci has a great video to help you get started on Command Center for your Helix and HX Stomp devices. It's a big upgrade to the footswitches on the Stomp specifically, as it allows you to use the 3 footswitches in a more customized manner. You can:

  • Set the footswitches to work independently of mode - one to a snapshot, another to a preset, etc.
  • Send commands to other MIDI devices, or even keyboard commands to your DAW on a PC or Mac.
Check out the video below.

Some Products That We Love

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A Cheap Wireless System

Until there's built in wireless for Helix, add this great and cheap wireless system to your setup.

Getaria Wireless

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Hook a Mic to your Device

The HX Stomp and Helix LT don't have a mic input like the Helix Floor, but this adapter allows you to plug your Mic into the Aux Return as set up guitar/vocal patches such as this one.

Shure Transformer

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A Great Set of Headphones

These headphones sound great with your device, and will last for many years.

AudioTechnica ATH-M40x

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