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Pod Express Review   March 23, 2024

Helix Tones Move Down-Market and Become Accessible to a Wider Audience

The new Pod Express is a throwback of sorts to the original POD, released 25 years ago. It’s easy to understand why the original POD was such a massive hit for Line 6. Technology reached a point where a guitar player could tote along a small device that emulated a slew of classic amplifiers, plus an array of Line 6 creations that were meant to not only evoke classic amps but even improve their sound. The original POD also contained a large selection of effects and a spring reverb emulation. Suddenly every guitarist had access to software “models” of classic tones in a package that fit in thei…

Line 6 Releases Helix 3.7 Update   Nov. 16, 2023

10 New Amps and Great New Effects

This release features an amazing set of 10(!) new amplifiers, a new overdrive pedal, a new bass preamp pedal, 2 new reverbs, new cabs, plus an amazing addition - the all new Line 6 Feedbacker. Helix 3.7 contains amps and effects that players have been requesting, and Line 6 listened. The new Marshall JCM 800 100 watt 2203 model dishes up classic Marshall gain in all "all factory stock" amplifier model. The Feedbacker effect is an often-requested feature for players who want to simulate feedback in a controllable way. Line 6 has also added the amp models from the …

Pod Go 2.0 Update is Here   Nov. 7, 2023

The largest update ever for the Pod Go and Pod Go Wireless has dropped

This update brings the new cab engine from Helix 3.5 to the Pod Go, a huge improvement to the already excellent tones in the device. As in Helix, the new cab engine automatically chooses an IR for you based on the chosen cabinet, microphone, mic position and mic distance. Its even easier to get world class tone, without ever having to bring in 3rd party IR's. New Amp and Preamp Models Grammatico GSG - based on the Grammatico® GSG100 MOO)))N T Brt - based on the bright channel of the Sunn Model T MOO)))N T Jump - based on the jumped channels of the Sunn Model T MOO)))N T Normal …

Line 6 Releases Helix 3.6 Update   April 25, 2023

An Incredible New Amp Model is the Star of the Show

The star of the show is definitely going to be the all new Grammatico GSG amp, a reproduction of a classic Dumble amplifier. This amp is incredible versatile and is going to be a new favorite in the HX family of amps. New Amp and Preamp Models Grammatico GSG - based on* the Grammatico® GSG100 Line 6 Elmsley - Line 6 original Agua Sledge - based on* the Aguilar® Tone Hammer New Effects Dark Dove Fuzz (Mono, Stereo) - based on* the Electro-Harmonix® Russian Big Muff Triple Rotary (Mono, Stereo) - based on the Yamaha® RA-200 rotary speaker New Guitar Cabinets 1x12 Blue Bell - ca…

Looking for Some Good Free IRs?   Dec. 22, 2022

If you're looking for some info on what an IR is, and what it can be used for, see this video. IRs are supported by all modern Line 6 products, including Helix, HX Stomp and Pod Go. You can effectively add hundreds of cabinet models to your device with IRs. While many are sold at a premium cost, there are many sources of free IRs that are very good, in some cases just as good or better than commercially available IRs. I'll update this post with new places to get free IRs. For now, check out the following sources: Fractal mastermind Leon Todd has excellent free IRs available h…

Helix 3.5 "The Cab Update" Taken as a whole, this is the single largest update in the history of the Helix. Yes there are new amp models, distortion pedals, modulation effects and a new reverb, but the star of the show is an all new cabinet engine. There are literally thousands of new impulse responses captured with Line 6's automated capture technology. Best of all, these captures are selected using simple controls with no need to menu-dive in order to select the optimal mic and position. The icing on the cake is that IRs and the new cabinets now take up drastically less DSP, f…

Fluid Solo Now Supports HX Effects!   July 29, 2022

HX Effects Support Officially Launched Apologies for this taking so long, people have asked for this since the beginning. We didn't have a unit for testing at HQ until the past few days, and now we're here. Please upload away and enjoy!

Pod Go Receives Massive 1.40 Update   July 21, 2022

Pod Go 1.40 Update Details This huge update for the Pod Go and Pod Go Wireless features the new Ventoux amp model, 9 new effects, and 18 legacy effect additions. You can update by following the instructions in this link. Here is a list of the new amps and effects you can get in the update. Some of these are brand new and very cool delays and reverbs, others are Legacy effects from the Amp Farm platform that have been brought over to the Pod Go. There is a lot to explore. New Amp and Preamp Model Line 6 Ventoux amp - A mid-gain, extremely versatile amp that contains a tone stack not …

Quick Review - Mooer Preamp X2 Pedal   April 1, 2022

Over at Fluid Solo HQ we love to play with anything guitar-modeling related. The Mooer Preamp Model X2 is worth a look due to a unique ability - the ability to play captures similar to the Kemper. Yes, for $169. Mooer supports capturing drive pedals, amps, cabinets, and full captures of up to all 3 with their free GE Labs iOS app. The app also works perfectly on an M1 Mac. By the way, the Mooer GE Labs app is very cool even if you never used the capturing technology. It includes a complete suite of amps, cabinets, and effects, and all of this can be used for free. You only pay to open up cus…

Why should the most popular modeling amps always use yesterday’s modeling technology? In the late 90’s I was gigging with an overly-complex setup. My amp lived in an Anvil 8 space rack case - a Marshall JMP-1 rack preamp, a Gemini DJ Power amp, and a Furman Power Conditioner. There were about 4 empty slots in the middle. It was huge, heavy, and didn’t sound very good, although it was pretty reliable. The homemade cab my friend Frank made for me sounded good. The amp, not so much. Around the year 2000 I got tired of lugging that setup around, and went looking for a combo amp. I figured…

Helix 3.15 Update has arrived!   Feb. 8, 2022

The 3.15 updated includes 30 new models, including a new Amp and Preamp model, the Line 6 original Ventoux amp. Here is a list of the new amps and effects you can get in the update. Some of these are brand new and very cool delays and reverbs, others are Legacy effects from the Amp Farm platform that have been brought over to the Helix. There is a lot to explore. New Amp and Preamp Model Line 6 Ventoux amp - A mid-gain, extremely versatile amp that contains a tone stack not found in physical amplifiers. It is a Frankenstein monster blend of vintage Orange and Tweed Fender circuits. New Ef…

Pod Go 1.30 Update Details New Amp: Mandarin Rocker (Orange Rockerverb 100 MkIII) New Effects: Ratatouille Dist (Proco Rat) Retro Reel (Line 6 Original) Euclidean Delay (Line 6 Original) Dynamic Hall Reverb (Line 6 Original) The update can be downloaded from Line 6 here:

Can a $169 mini bass amp head give the revered Seymour Duncan PS170 a run for its money? Turns out the answer is yes. The Seymour Duncan PowerStage 170 is a very popular pedalboard-friendly power amp, perfect for pairing with a modeler such as the HX Stomp for an extremely compact gigging solution (just add a guitar cab). It features a Class D 170 watt power amplifier and a 3 band EQ perfect for quick adjustments. A popular gigging use of the PS170 is to play through your guitar cab on stage while sending a cab-simulated tone direct to the PA/front of house sound system. The PS170 r…

Stickers are here. Get one free.   Aug. 19, 2021

Every month we'll be sending out stickers to a few lucky users of the site. To enter, simply upload a patch or comment on a patch for an amp or effect model. Good luck! These are high quality vinyl stickers sure to look good.

Helix 3.1 Update is Here!   April 15, 2021

Helix 3.1 is a massive update bringing a new amp and effects, plus new capabilities to the platform. New Amp Model Mandarin Rocker - Based on the Orange Rockerverb 100 MkIII New Effects Models Ratatouille Dist - Based on the 1984 Proco Rat Retro Reel - Line 6 Original Modulation Effect Euclidean Delay - Line 6 Original Delay Dynamic Hall - Line 6 Original Reverb Hot Springs - Line 6 Original Reverb Expansions to Existing Models Poly Sustain Delay - New auto EQ setting to control tone harshness. New Operation parameter to determine what happens when you activate the effect. …

Pod Go Version 1.21 is here Pod Go version 1.21 is a massive update bringing new sounds and capabilities. This update brings many of the new amp models and effects of the Helix 3.0 update, including the Princeton and Diezel amps. The list of new amp and effects models is very impressive, but some very heavy Helix 3 DSP-intensive effects are unfortunately not available. The good news is that your Pod Go can now do so much more, and as usual the update is provided free of charge. The update is available now, and is available for both Pod Go, and Pod Go Wireless. Click here for instruction…

Command Center Explained   March 6, 2021

YouTube Helix guru Steve Sterlacci has a great video to help you get started on Command Center for your Helix and HX Stomp devices. It's a big upgrade to the footswitches on the Stomp specifically, as it allows you to use the 3 footswitches in a more customized manner. You can: Set the footswitches to work independently of mode - one to a snapshot, another to a preset, etc. Send commands to other MIDI devices, or even keyboard commands to your DAW on a PC or Mac. Check out the video below.

Line 6 Releases HX Stomp XL   Jan. 22, 2021

The HX Stomp XL is new for 2021, and is essentially similar to the original Stomp, with some handy extra footswitches, and the same I/O options, all located on the rear of the device. The volume knob has been re-located to the rear and is spring loaded so you can hide it out of the way and not knock it around with your foot. This is a cool unit that gives you a cleaner solution than adding external footswitches for controlling additional parameters with your feet. The HX Stomp XL is compatible with patches made for the original HX Stomp, and is also compatible with Helix patches that use …

Helix 3.0 Has Arrived!   Nov. 19, 2020

It's Here! Helix 3.0 is a massive update bringing new sounds and capabilities to the platform. The list of new amp and effects models is very impressive and contains a number of huge improvements that may let you remove some items from your pedal board. The Poly-pitch models blaze a new path forward and we're only starting to see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do with them.  Here's a grand collection of the new amp models and effects in the latest update: View the Helix and HX Stomp 3.0 New Model Collection Here   New Amp Models US Princess - Based on the Fend…

What's in store for Helix 3.0?   July 21, 2020

Helix 3.0 is now here! Click here to get the full news update. Now that Helix 2.9 has arrived, naturally everyone is enjoying the new amp model and effects, but also thinking about what's next. We'll update this post as we hear the news, but here's what's been confirmed: Polyphonic Pitch - Members of the Line 6 dev teams have confirmed that they are working on polyphonic pitch models for Helix 3.0. Favorites - Make Favorite blocks of any model with any settings and footswitch bypass assignments. Then you can easily add your favorite blocks to patches without recreating the set…

Some Products That We Love

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Extra Power Cable for your HX Stomp

I've been using one of these power supplies permanently zip-tied to my pedalboard, and it's been very handy to keep the original power supply around for off-board usage. Plus it's cheap and works well.

Extra Power Cable for your HX Stomp

Last seen around $16

Rechargeable 9V for your Pedals & Active Pickups

These 9V batteries have a built-in USB-C port for charging. We use them to power pedals and active pickups while creating less waste.

Rechargeable 9V for your Pedals & Active Pickups

Last seen around $16

Add some Footswitches to your Rig

A simple and cost effective way to add 2 additional footswitches to your HX Stomp or other HX device. Yes, including Pod Go! Please be advised that you will also need a TRS type 1/4 inch cable to use both switches.

Add some Footswitches to your Rig

Last seen around $22