Looking for Some Good Free IRs?

Published Dec. 22, 2022

If you're looking for some info on what an IR is, and what it can be used for, see this video.

IRs are supported by all modern Line 6 products, including Helix, HX Stomp and Pod Go. You can effectively add hundreds of cabinet models to your device with IRs. While many are sold at a premium cost, there are many sources of free IRs that are very good, in some cases just as good or better than commercially available IRs.

I'll update this post with new places to get free IRs. For now, check out the following sources:

  • Fractal mastermind Leon Todd has excellent free IRs available here. Frankly, the LT TV Mix might be the only IR you'll ever need.
  • Line 6 has published a series of free IRs they call the Allure pack. There are some very good options in there. Get them here.

Some Products That We Love

Brought to you by the Fluid Solo department of Commerce

Add some Footswitches to your Rig

A simple and cost effective way to add 2 additional footswitches to your HX Stomp or other HX device. Yes, including Pod Go! Please be advised that you will also need a TRS type 1/4 inch cable to use both switches.

Add some Footswitches to your Rig

Last seen around $22

Use a Mic with your HX Stomp

The HX Stomp and Helix LT don't have a mic input like the Helix Floor, but this adapter allows you to plug your Mic into the Aux Return as set up guitar/vocal patches such as this one.

Use a Mic with your HX Stomp

Last seen around $19

Put Some Pedal Toppers On!

Pedal toppers make switching easier by giving you more surface area for your feet.

Put Some Pedal Toppers On!

Last seen around $9 for a ten-pack