Pod Go 2.0 Update is Here

Published Nov. 7, 2023

The largest update ever for the Pod Go and Pod Go Wireless has dropped

This update brings the new cab engine from Helix 3.5 to the Pod Go, a huge improvement to the already excellent tones in the device. As in Helix, the new cab engine automatically chooses an IR for you based on the chosen cabinet, microphone, mic position and mic distance. Its even easier to get world class tone, without ever having to bring in 3rd party IR's.

New Amp and Preamp Models
Grammatico GSG - based on the Grammatico® GSG100
MOO)))N T Brt - based on the bright channel of the Sunn Model T
MOO)))N T Jump - based on the jumped channels of the Sunn Model T
MOO)))N T Normal - based on the normal channel of the Sunn Model T
Line 6 Elmsley - Line 6 original with parallel distortion topology
Agua Sledge - based on* the Aguilar® Tone Hammer

New Effects
Pillars OD - Based on the Earthquaker Devices Plumes Distortion
Dark Dove Fuzz - based on* the Electro-Harmonix® Russian Big Muff
Flexovibe - Line 6 Original Modulation Effect
4-Voice Chorus - Line 6 Original Chorus Effect
Triple Rotary (Mono, Stereo) - based on the Yamaha® RA-200 rotary speaker
Dynamic Ambience - Line 6 Original Reverb Effect
Boctaver - Based on the Boss OC-2 Octaver

For more information and instructions on how to install the update to your device, click here

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Add some Footswitches to your Rig

A simple and cost effective way to add 2 additional footswitches to your HX Stomp or other HX device. Yes, including Pod Go! Please be advised that you will also need a TRS type 1/4 inch cable to use both switches.

Add some Footswitches to your Rig

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Put Some Pedal Toppers On!

Pedal toppers make switching easier by giving you more surface area for your feet.

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Power your HX Stomp via USB

This handy cord allows you to power your HX Stomp from a USB port, so you can power it from a USB power bank or other power source.

Power your HX Stomp via USB

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