Line 6 Releases Helix 3.7 Update

Published Nov. 16, 2023

10 New Amps and Great New Effects

This release features an amazing set of 10(!) new amplifiers, a new overdrive pedal, a new bass preamp pedal, 2 new reverbs, new cabs, plus an amazing addition - the all new Line 6 Feedbacker.

Helix 3.7 contains amps and effects that players have been requesting, and Line 6 listened. The new Marshall JCM 800 100 watt 2203 model dishes up classic Marshall gain in all "all factory stock" amplifier model. The Feedbacker effect is an often-requested feature for players who want to simulate feedback in a controllable way.

Line 6 has also added the amp models from the Catalyst series of amplifiers. This set of Line 6 original amps sound amazing and cover styles of music from clean jazz to metal tones. All of the Catalyst models feature a built-in boost circuit, potentially removing the need for an overdrive pedal in your effects chain.

New Amp and Preamp Models
Brit 2203 - based on the Marshall JCM 800 2203
Line 6 Aristocrat - Line 6 Original Catalyst Series Amp
Line 6 Carillon - Line 6 Original Catalyst Series Amp
Line 6 Clarity - Line 6 Original Catalyst Series Amp
Line 6 Kinetic - Line 6 Original Catalyst Series Amp
Line 6 Oblivion - Line 6 Original Catalyst Series Amp
Line 6 Voltage - Line 6 Original Catalyst Series Amp
Mandarin Bass 200 - Orange AD200 MkIII
PV Vitriol Clean - Peavey Invective Clean Channel
US Dripman Nrm - Silverface Fender Bassman

New Effects
Feedbacker - Line 6 Original Feedback Generator
Prize Drive - Based on the Nobels ODR-1
Regal Bass DI - Based on the Noble Preamp Bass DI
Dynamic Bloom Reverb - Line 6 Original Bloom Reverb
Nonlinear Reverb - Line 6 Original Nonlinear Reverb

New Cabinets
Soup Pro Ellipse - Captured from a 6x9″ Supro S6616
1x8 Small Tweed - Captured from a 1x8″ Fender Champ
1x12 Fullerton - Captured from a 1x12" Fender 5C3 Tweed Deluxe
1x12 Cali IV - Captured from a 1x12" Mesa Boogie Mk IV combo
2x12 Interstate - Captured from a 2x12″ Dr Z Z Best V30
4x12 Greenback 30 - Captured from a 4x12″ Marshall Basketweave G12H-30
4x12 Whowatt 100 - Captured from a 4x12″ Hiwatt AP Fane

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