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Helix 3.1 Update is Here!
April 15, 2021

Helix 3.1 is a massive update bringing a new amp and effects, plus new capabilities to the platform.

New Amp Model

Mandarin Rocker - Based on the Orange Rockerverb 100 MkIII

New Effects Models

Ratatouille Dist - Based on the 1984 Proco Rat

Retro Reel - Line 6 Original Modulation Effect

Euclidean Delay - Line 6 Original Delay

Dynamic Hall - Line 6 Original Reverb

Hot Springs - Line 6 Original Reverb

Expansions to Existing Models

Poly Sustain Delay - New auto EQ setting to control tone harshness. New Operation parameter to determine what happens when you activate the effect.

Glitch Delay - New pitch controls to control the likelihood of pitch changes during repeats.

Shuffling Looper - New pitch controls to control the likelihood of pitch changes during loops.

12 String - New Pluck Type parameter to improve the sound depending of how you pluck the guitar strings.

Expansions to Existing Device Capabilities

New and Improved MIDI Implementation - Switches in Snapshot Footswitch can now have custom labels and colors.

Some Products That We Love

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A Cheap Wireless System

Until there's built in wireless for Helix, add this great and cheap wireless system to your setup.

Getaria Wireless

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Hook a Mic to your Device

The HX Stomp and Helix LT don't have a mic input like the Helix Floor, but this adapter allows you to plug your Mic into the Aux Return as set up guitar/vocal patches such as this one.

Shure Transformer

Last seen at around $18

Protect Your Ears

These earplugs are designed for musicians, providing a better audio experience than traditional foam plugs. Plus, they come in a cool aluminum case.

EarPeace Ear Plugs

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