Line 6 Releases Helix 3.6 Update

Published April 25, 2023

An Incredible New Amp Model is the Star of the Show

The star of the show is definitely going to be the all new Grammatico GSG amp, a reproduction of a classic Dumble amplifier. This amp is incredible versatile and is going to be a new favorite in the HX family of amps.

New Amp and Preamp Models
Grammatico GSG - based on* the Grammatico® GSG100
Line 6 Elmsley - Line 6 original
Agua Sledge - based on* the Aguilar® Tone Hammer

New Effects
Dark Dove Fuzz (Mono, Stereo) - based on* the Electro-Harmonix® Russian Big Muff
Triple Rotary (Mono, Stereo) - based on the Yamaha® RA-200 rotary speaker

New Guitar Cabinets
1x12 Blue Bell - captured from* a 1×12" Vox® AC-15 Blue Alnico
1x12 Open Cream - captured from* a custom 1x12" open-back cab G12M-65
1x12 Open Cast - captured from* a custom 1x12" open-back cab EVM12L
2x12 Silver Bell - captured from* a 2×12" Vox AC-30TB Silver Alnico
2x12 Match H30 - captured from* a 2x12" Matchless® DC-30 custom G12H-30
2x12 Match G25 - captured from* a 2x12" Matchless DC-30 custom G12M-25
4x12 Greenback 20 - captured from* a 4×12" Marshall® “basketweave” G12M-20

New Bass Cabinets
1x12 Epicenter - captured from* a 1x12" Epifani® Ultralight series
4x10 Ampeg Pro - captured from* a 4x10" Ampeg® PR-410HLF

Some Products That We Love

Brought to you by the Fluid Solo department of Commerce

Put Some Pedal Toppers On!

Pedal toppers make switching easier by giving you more surface area for your feet.

Put Some Pedal Toppers On!

Last seen around $9 for a ten-pack

Extra Power Cable for your HX Stomp

I've been using one of these power supplies permanently zip-tied to my pedalboard, and it's been very handy to keep the original power supply around for off-board usage. Plus it's cheap and works well.

Extra Power Cable for your HX Stomp

Last seen around $16

Add some Footswitches to your Rig

A simple and cost effective way to add 2 additional footswitches to your HX Stomp or other HX device. Yes, including Pod Go! Please be advised that you will also need a TRS type 1/4 inch cable to use both switches.

Add some Footswitches to your Rig

Last seen around $22