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Helix currently supports 72 amplifier models, 194 effects, 37 speaker cab models, and 16 microphones. On top of all that you also have the ability to load Impulse Responses (IRs) that you can grab from free or paid sources. Go have fun.

Arbitrator Fuzz (Arbiter® FuzzFace®)

Arbitrator Fuzz, the Helix model of a Arbiter® FuzzFace®

Recorded using a Stratocaster with Seymour Duncan SSL-1 pickups, used the neck position pickup. The amp model is a Fender Deluxe Reverb with the "Normal" input, default settings and cabinet. The FuzzFace model was left at default settings.

The infamous pedal used by Hendrix on Purple Haze. These pedals were made cheaply and were notoriously unreliable, due to primitive construction methods.

View the Arbiter Fuzzface product page on Amazon.

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Patches including this Distortion Pedal:

Patch Device Performance
Description Member Downloads Upvotes
Z Kash Helix Native Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) A slightly modified version of the Kashmir patch that comes with Helix Native. jorge 74 0
Weird Vicky
HX Stomp Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) The clean tone was inspired by a JHS video where he demonstrates a clean tone using a maxed out Fuzz Face. Yes. Let that sink in. Then I added progressively dirtier tones and set it up using command center for the HX Stomp footswitches. jorge 5 0

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