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Helix currently supports 72 amplifier models, 194 effects, 37 speaker cab models, and 16 microphones. On top of all that you also have the ability to load Impulse Responses (IRs) that you can grab from free or paid sources. Go have fun.

Obi Wah (Oberheim® voltage-controlled S&H filter)

Obi Wah, the Helix model of a Oberheim® voltage-controlled S&H filter

Based on the Oberheim® Voltage Controlled Sample and Hold filter. Voltage Controlled Filters create changes in tone by emphasizing random frequencies.

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JMP 1 Pre amp

Some pod X3 recarnations on Helix.

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  • Member: Arislaf
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    Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA)

Patch Performance
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JMP 1 Pre amp Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) Some pod X3 recarnations on Helix. Arislaf 113 1

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