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Helix currently supports 72 amplifier models, 194 effects, 37 speaker cab models, and 16 microphones. On top of all that you also have the ability to load Impulse Responses (IRs) that you can grab from free or paid sources. Go have fun.

Ubiquitous Vibe (Shin-ei Uni-Vibe®)

Ubiquitous Vibe, the Helix model of a Shin-ei Uni-Vibe®

A remastered model of the classic Uni-Vibe for Helix.

Patches including this Modulation:

Patch Device Performance
Description Member Downloads Upvotes
Jason Sadites Dr. Z66
HX Stomp Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) As featured on Jason Sadites' Youtube channel (link below), here is a patch of the Interstate Zed amp and cab.  danemiles 32 1
Dimed Tweed Les Paul
Helix Floor Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) From Joost Assink: I had set myself the goal to master all the parts in the epic final solo of Hotel California in my downtime during this crisis. I found out there are 11 parts!! (6 electric guitars, 2 acoustic guitars, 1 bass part, the organ pa… jorge 87 0

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Hook a Mic to your Device

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Shure Transformer

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A Great Set of Headphones

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AudioTechnica ATH-M40x

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