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Fluid Solo supports all models of the Line 6 Helix family, including HX Stomp. And new for 2020, we have support for the Pod Go. For more information, head on over to the FAQ.

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What's in store for Helix 3.0?
July 21, 2020

Helix 3.0 is now here! Click here to get the full news update.

Now that Helix 2.9 has arrived, naturally everyone is enjoying the new amp model and effects, but also thinking about what's next. We'll update this post as we hear the news, but here's what's been confirmed:

Polyphonic Pitch - Members of the Line 6 dev teams have confirmed that they are working on polyphonic pitch models for Helix 3.0.

Favorites - Make Favorite blocks of any model with any settings and footswitch bypass assignments. Then you can easily add your favorite blocks to patches without recreating the settings.

The HX Stomp will get the ability to store up to 8 blocks of models and effects. While a lot of people are looking forward to this, it's important to remember that the processing power of the current-generation HX Stomp will limit what you may be able to do with the additional 2 blocks. But I can see some useful possibilities, such as adding a noise gate after an FX return, for example.

HX Stomp will get "Command Center" functionality - this is the ability to send MIDI commands out of the unit like a remote-control. Imagine starting up your lighting rig when you click on your distortion pedal. Hmm...

More info from Helix Help is available here.

We'll update this post as soon as more features are confirmed. There's a lot of rumors, we'll see what turns out to be true.


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