Helix 3.0 Has Arrived!

Published Nov. 19, 2020

It's Here!

Helix 3.0 is a massive update bringing new sounds and capabilities to the platform. The list of new amp and effects models is very impressive and contains a number of huge improvements that may let you remove some items from your pedal board. The Poly-pitch models blaze a new path forward and we're only starting to see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do with them. 

Here's a grand collection of the new amp models and effects in the latest update:

View the Helix and HX Stomp 3.0 New Model Collection Here


New Amp Models

US Princess - Based on the Fender Princeton Reverb

Das Benzin Lead - Based on the Diezel VH4 Lead Channel

Das Benzin Mega - Based on the Diezel VH4 Mega Channel


New Effects Models

Horizon Driver - Based on the Horizon Devices Precision Drive

Swedish Chainsaw - Based on the BOSS HM-2 Heavy Metal Distortion (Made in Japan Black Label)

Pocket Fuzz - Based on the Jordan Boss Tone Fuzz

Bighorn Fuzz - Based on the 1973 EHX Ram's Head Big Muff Pi

Ballistic Fuzz - Based on the Euthymia ICBM Fuzz

Horizon Gate - Based on the Horizon Precision Drive Gate Circuit

Acoustic Sim - Based on the BOSS AC-2 Acoustic Simulator

Poly Detune - A Line 6® Original

Glitch Delay - A Line 6® Original

Poly Sustain - A Line 6® Original

Poly Pitch - A Line 6® Original

Poly Wham - A Line 6® Original

Poly Capo - A Line 6® Original

12 String - A Line 6® Original

Stereo Imager - A Line 6® Original

Shuffling Looper - A Line 6® Original

Favorite Blocks

We all tend to have "go-to" amps and effects that we add to a lot of patches. For me, that's the Dual Delay. Now you can set up the model just how you like it, and add it to a favorites list so you can quickly drop it into another patch. It remembers the model and it's settings, but not the footswitch assignments.


The HX Stomp Now Supports 8 Blocks Per Patch

While a lot of people are looking forward to this, it's important to remember that the processing power of the current-generation HX Stomp will limit what you may be able to do with the additional 2 blocks. But there are useful possibilities, such as adding a noise gate after an FX return, for example.


HX Stomp Gets Command Center

This is the ability to send MIDI commands out of the unit like a remote-control. Imagine starting up your lighting rig when you click on your distortion pedal. Hmm...


True Preset Spillover

Despite what some might have you believe, the only digital multieffects with true preset spillover were the DigiTech GSP1101, 2112, and 2120, and they accomplished this by dedicating one of their two DSPs to spillover and only spillover. (Basically, to hear two dynamically allocated presets with absolutely zero gap—not a global reverb smeared to cover the gap—you need enough DSP to run both of them simultaneously.) So... if you're willing to sacrifice half your DSP—that is, COMPLETELY DISABLE PATH 2—you too can have true preset spillover. 


User Model Defaults

Defaults lets you save any amp, cab, or effect block's settings as default so every time you call that model up, it sounds exactly the way you want it. 


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