Amp Switcher with Effects

Uploaded by jorge on Nov. 16, 2022.

HX Effects

This patch is available for the HX Effects.


This patch allows you to send a channel switch command to your amp via the HX Effect's built in capabilities for channel switching, while at the same time toggling effects on and off with the 2 snapshots. On my personal setting, the "soft" snapshot is still dirty by using the Klon model, but the "hard" snapshot is using  my amp's gain.

There is no 4 cable method used here, it's just the HX Effects switching my amp channels for me, and toggling some effects.

NOTE: to use this patch, you will need to set the Pedal 2 Jack setting to "Amp2" in the device settings of the HX effects.

Performance Type

Plugged in Front of the Amp


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Horizon Gate

(Horizon Devices Precision Drive Gate Circuit)

Kinky Boost

(Xotic® EP Booster)


(Klon® Centaur)


(BOSS® PN-2)

Dynamic Hall

(Line 6 Original)


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