Benizen Lead

Uploaded by alex kenivel on Nov. 22, 2020.

Helix Native

Patch is supported by all Helix devices minus HX Stomp.



Made on 3.0 during beta testing.

Poly Capo (stock settings, interval at -2), Horizon Drive (low gain, high level), Das Benizen Lead amp model, Greenback 25/XXL V30 cabs panned left, Field Coil/Lead 80 cabs panned right, Stereo Imager.

Performance Type

Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA)


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Poly Capo

(Line 6® Original)

Horizon Drive

(Horizon Devices Precision Drive)

Das Benzin Lead

(Diezel VH4 (Lead Channel))

4x12 Greenback25

(4x12" Marshall® Basketweave G12 M25)

Stereo Imager

(Line 6® Original)


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