Uploaded by jorge on July 29, 2022.

HX Effects

This patch is available for the HX Effects.


An attempt to get the core Nirvana sounds into a pedalboard. The chorus is not the actual model that Kurt played, which was an EHX Small Clone. The Boss CE-1 Chorus fills in for duty here.

I used the "modded" DS-1 model vs the standard, just because I thought it sounded better.

Finally, there's an acoustic sim to get you as close as possible without changing guitars.

Performance Type

Plugged in Front of the Amp


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70s Chorus

(BOSS® CE-1)

Deez One Mod

(BOSS® DS-1 Distortion (Keeley modded))

Acoustic Sim

(BOSS® AC-2 Acoustic Simulator)


monsterpop - May 2, 2023


just downloaded to try later. cheers

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