Jif Pedal Steel

Uploaded by jiffie on July 11, 2023.

HX Stomp XL

HX Stomp & HX Stomp XL patches are supported by all Helix devices.


 This is a preset for Pedal Steel Guitar I created copying settings from a previous patch I put together using other hardware before purchasing a HX Stomp XL. I previously used 6 EQ channels on a 12 channel parametric EQ, in the HX patch I replicated the settings using 2 parametric blocks. The path in the HX is - Parametric - Parametric - Optical Trem - Jazz Rivet 120 - Celestion Vintage 30 IR - Multihead Delay - Ganymede Reverb. The Celestion Vintage 30 IR is a free download taster from Celestion and is available here -


I initially created this preset using a Strymon Bluesky Reverb, set up with a room reverb with modulation and connected into the Stomp using a FX send/return block, I have duplicated this as far as possible using the Ganymede Reverb in the HX, it sounds a bit different to the BlueSky, but it has it's own magic. I'll use this mainly in Ambient style recordings but it works well with other styles.

Performance Type

Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA)


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(Line 6Ā® Original)


(Line 6Ā® Original)

Optical Trem

(FenderĀ® optical tremolo circuit)

Jazz Rivet 120

(RolandĀ® JC-120 Jazz Chorus)

Impulse Response (2048)

(Impulse Response (2048 Samples))


(RolandĀ® RE-101 Space Echo)


(Line 6Ā® Original)


jiffie - Aug. 12, 2023


I've posted a video where I use this patch, although it the patch where I use the Strymon Blue Sky rather than the Ganymede Reverb. You can listen to it here,


jiffie - Aug. 12, 2023


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