MM Ambient

Uploaded by mvmilosevic on Jan. 14, 2023.

Pod Go

This patch is available for the Pod Go.


This is an ambiental patch which provide clean guitar sound on rich background which shall be generated as you play.  Enjoy!

Performance Type

Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA)


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Volume Pedal

(Line 6® Original)


(Dunlop® Cry Baby® Super)

Script Phase

(MXR® Phase 90 (script logo version))

Mono FX Loop

(Mono FX Loop)

US Double Vib

(Fender® Twin Reverb® (vibrato channel))

2x12 Double C12N

(2x12" Fender® Twin C12N)


(Line 6® Original)


(Line 6® Original)

Particle Verb

(Line 6® Original)


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