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Uploaded by alex kenivel on May 14, 2019.

Helix Floor

Patch is supported by all Helix devices minus HX Stomp.


This is my default preset for my 6 String guitars these days. Litigator handling Clean and mid-gain, and Badonk handling mid gain to high gain. 4 Snaps -- Litigator Clean, Litigator Drive, Badonk Green, and Badonk Red. FS2 activates a faux Organ sound (sounds great with snapshot 2), Stomps sprinkled in for compression, Fuzz, and time-based effects.

Performance Type

Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA)


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Blocks DSP 0
Scream 808

(Ibanez® TS808 Tube Screamer®)

Hard Gate

(Line 6® Original)

Simple Pitch

(Line 6® Original)

Dual Pitch

(Line 6® Original)

Vibe Rotary

(Fender® Vibratone)


(Benadrian Kowloon Walled Bunny Distortion)

Line 6 Litigator

(Line 6 Original)

Line 6 Badonk

(Line 6 Original)

Blocks DSP 1
Kinky Boost

(Xotic® EP Booster)

Deluxe Comp

(Line 6® Original)

4x12 Greenback25

(4x12" Marshall® Basketweave G12 M25)


(Line 6® Original)

Transistor Tape

(Maestro® Echoplex EP-3)

Cosmos Echo

(Roland® RE-201 Space Echo)


(Line 6® Original)


(Line 6® Original)


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