Mick Mars

Uploaded by map70 on May 14, 2019.

Helix Rack

Patch is supported by all Helix devices minus HX Stomp.


A Mick Mars/Mötley Crüe tone that is more of what he has been doing from Dr. Feelgood on. Using a Digitech Drop for the whole step drop and a 2010 EVH MIJ Wolfgang Special.

Performance Type

Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA)


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Blocks DSP 0
Teardrop 310

(Dunlop® Cry Baby® Fasel model 310)

Scream 808

(Ibanez® TS808 Tube Screamer®)

Solo Lead OD

(Soldano SLO-100 (overdrive channel))

Gray Flanger

(MXR® 117 Flanger)

70s Chorus

(BOSS® CE-1)

Blocks DSP 1
4x12 Blackback 30

(4x12" Park® 75 G12 H30)

Vintage Digital

(Line 6® Original)


(Line 6® Original)

Simple EQ

(Line 6® Original)


jorge - May 14, 2019


Thanks för cönfirming that umlauts wörk ön fluidsölo.cöm

wanab - Nov. 25, 2019


NIce work TY.

augierockstar - Nov. 7, 2021


That's amazing 🤘🤘🎶🎵🎶

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