MM Set HD K2 Dha

Uploaded by mvmilosevic on Sept. 5, 2022.

Pod Go

This patch is available for the Pod Go.


This is full set with 4 snapshots: 1. Clean Chorus, 2. Overdrive (bluesy), 3. Mid Gain and 4. High Gain which can cover a lot. Snapshots 2-3 can be used either as rhythm (without delay or/and chorus) and lead tones. All snapshots are aimed to reproduce tube amp, with sufficient tone definition and to cut through the mix. The tone  is made for PAF pickups (7.5 K neck and 11 K bridge), but tested (and sounds good) on high resistance,  "hot" pups as well (Ibanez Quantum).

Performance Type

Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA)


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Volume Pedal

(Line 6® Original)


(Dunlop® Cry Baby® Super)

Kinky Comp

(Xotic® SP Compressor)

Scream 808

(Ibanez® TS808 Tube Screamer®)

Mono FX Loop

(Mono FX Loop)

Revv Gen Purple

(Revv® Generator 120 (Purple Channel - Gain 1))

4x12 Cali V30

(4x12" MESA/Boogie® 4FB V30)

Trinity Chorus

(Dytronics® Tri-Stereo Chorus)


(Line 6® Original)


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