Green Day Brain Stew

Uploaded by kalimar on April 26, 2021.

HX Stomp

HX Stomp patches are supported by all Helix devices.


I made this patch to play along to Brain Stew Stem files. Did a little research on the internet and came across Wampler's video where he works out that tone. He uses the EVH 5150 MXR pedal. I figured, that's just trying to emulate the amp we have in Helix so why not just use the PV Panama :D I think it worked well. I turned up the noise gate to get that tight tone for the chords.

I hope you enjoy and would love any feedback you have.

Performance Type

Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA)


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(Paul Cochrane Timmy® Overdrive)

PV Panama

(Peavey® 5150®)

4x12 Cali V30

(4x12" MESA/Boogie® 4FB V30)

4x12 Blackback 30

(4x12" Park® 75 G12 H30)


(Line 6® Original)

'63 Spring

(Line 6® Original)


kalimar - April 26, 2021


I'm pretty new to Helix so I just learned I can setup a dual cab block. I'll fix that and update soon.

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