MM Blues pack

Uploaded by mvmilosevic on Sept. 5, 2022.

Pod Go

This patch is available for the Pod Go.


There are 4 snapshots, which covers a lot : 1. "Clean" - slightly compressed, sparky bluesy tone which sounds very nice on neck pickup and is reactive to playing dynamic. 2. "Gritty", same as previous just with some more compression. 3. "Crunch" , tight distorted sound with sufficient clarity, good for range of styles from blues, rock to hard rock, 4. "Lead", singing distorted lead sound with lot of sustain but also with sufficient clarity, which is not too aggressive and cuts nicely through the mix. Sounds nice either on humbuckers or single coil pups, (tested on low, mid and high resistance pups ranging from 7.5 K to 15 K). You can find examples of my patches on the channel

Snapshot 2 and  here:

Performance Type

Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA)


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(Dunlop® Cry Baby® Super)


(Line 6® Original)

LA Studio Comp

(Teletronix® LA-2A®)

Tube Drive

(Chandler Tube Driver)

Tweed Blues Brt

(Fender® Bassman® (bright channel))

Mono FX Loop

(Mono FX Loop)

4x10 Tweed P10R

(4x10" Fender Bassman P10R)

Mod/Chorus Echo

(Line 6® Original)


(Line 6® Original)


mvmilosevic - Sept. 16, 2022


The recording consists of 3 out of 4 snapshots, No1 (clean), No2 (gritty) and No3 (lead). It was recorded on Vintage V100 Les Paul, neck pickup (7.5  K resistance, PAF configuration).

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