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Los Creepers Recorded Tone
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) A tone closely approximating the recorded guitars on the Los Creepers album "City Streets". Jorge 77 0
Hellbound Fender for Powercab
Line 6 Powercab This tone is an attempt to capture the live tone of one of my favorite guitarists, Luis from Hellbound Hayride. It's a juicy, dirty Fender sound with some delay and reverb. The tone does not have a cab emulation in it, it uses the Powercab for that.Powercab SettingsSet the Powercab to the… Jorge 74 0
Revv Gen Red Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) This is the same patch made by Jorge but for the HX Stomp, I used my app (https://sensationnel-gerard-26922.herokuapp.com/) to visualize the parameters and recreated the patch. The original had two cabs in parallel but I had to sacrifice one and use an amp+cab block instead. I really like this one. Yeraym 70 0
Epic Gain for Boss Katana 50 Plugged in Front of the Amp Use this patch by plugging straight into a Katana 50. Use the acoustic channel on the amp, and keep all Katana settings at noon, and adjust to taste. This patch uses the Line 6 Epic Helix model for a mid-heavy high gain metal tone thru your Katana. Jorge 69 0
Placater for Powercab Line 6 Powercab Get the blood pumping into your Powercab and turn it into a hard-rocking gain machine. Powercab Settings Set the Powercab to the "Vintage" (Celestion Vintage 30) speaker emulation and turn it up! Jorge 68 0
Hx Stomp- Radiohead Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) Johnny Greenwood's the bends tone. Based off of a od-3 into a fender nrm. Also includes the bleat chop style trem to recreate the tempo synced tremelo featured on Planet Telex. This also will work well for the Airbag tone on your neck pickup.  Derums 59 0
Silence 4 Cable Method This utility patch is intended to reduce the hum and hiss of your noisy high gain amp. It is composed of 2 noise gates, one for your guitar and another for the amp's FX loop. The patch needs to run in the "4 Cable Method" to work properly. I use this patch to tame the hiss on my Mesa Boogie Mini… Jorge 57 0
Oh Dhyana
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) Dhyana drive into the Archetype Clean amp model, dual cabs. Some spring reverb and LA Studio Comp for added presence. Jorge 50 1
Come on Let's Go
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) I love all of the Los Lobos Ritchie Valens covers on the La Bamba soundtrack.This patch replicates the rhythm and lead tones on "Come On Let's Go". It can probably fit in nicely with La Bamba and the others too. Use the Minotaur for the lead tone.Use a strat for this patch, I think the bridge + mid… Jorge 50 0
Grammatico Brt Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) This is the same patch made by Jorge but for the HX Stomp, I used my app (https://sensationnel-gerard-26922.herokuapp.com/) to visualize the parameters and recreated the patch. I sounds really good. Yeraym 46 0