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Description Member Downloads Upvotes
Slayer - Angel of Death
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) You know what this is. I used the Badonk amp model to give the sound the necessary mids and chunk. Jorge 44 2
Stereo Lead Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) Revv and Heir Apparent lead tone 777l3 37 2
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) This is a slightly altered version of josepqr's patch on Custom Tone.To get the Gilmour tone, you need a single coil pickup, preferably a Strat.The patch has 3 snapshots, so make sure you cycle through them to get the range of tones in the preset. Jorge 32 0
Vox AC30 Dual w/Trem Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) Preset VOX AC30 Stereo com Tremolo Joni Devidson 29 1
Oh Ingrid
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) Derailed Ingrid patch, showing the Trainwreck amp model of the Helix. The Dhyana Drive is included, but not enabled by default. I have been making good use of the "Double Take" modulation effect, it adds a lot of body to the sound through headphones. If you're playing into a PA or direct recording,… Jorge 29 0
Litigate 2020
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) This is a new version of my Litigator patch which is currently the most downloaded on this site. It has been reworked to not use any IRs, so there's only standard cabs. I also redid the snapshots as clean, dirtier, and distorted. Enjoy!  Jorge 20 0
Black Rusty Bass Tone
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) This tone is modeled on the bass guitar chain of Rusty Sanchez, bassist for Black Monday. It's a straight ahead rock and roll bass tone of a SansAmp into an SVT. Jorge 19 0
Tele Boogie
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) I really like the Mesa Lone Star amps, but I didn't really care for the stock Helix patches featuring the amp. This tone has 3 snapshots, clean, overdriven and dirty. I used my trusty Telecaster to create the patch and Soundcloud sample below.I'm re-discovering the Double Take model on Helix, which… Jorge 16 1
Guitar and Mic
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) This is a cool patch for singers/songwriters. 1. Plug your guitar into the regular L/Mono input2. Plug your mic into the L/Mono Aux-in input (on the right hand side of the HX Stomp) - this cable will allow you to easily hook a standard XLR mic to the HX Stomp or Helix.There you go - adjust the amp … Jorge 1 0