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Fluid Solo supports all models of the Line 6 Helix family, including HX Stomp. And new for 2020, we have support for the Pod Go. For more information, head on over to the FAQ.

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Epic Gain for Boss Katana 50 Plugged in Front of the Amp Use this patch by plugging straight into a Katana 50. Use the acoustic channel on the amp, and keep all Katana settings at noon, and adjust to taste. This patch uses the Line 6 Epic Helix model for a mid-heavy high gain metal tone thru your Katana. Jorge 120 1
Grammatico Brt Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) This is the same patch made by Jorge but for the HX Stomp, I used my app (https://sensationnel-gerard-26922.herokuapp.com/) to visualize the parameters and recreated the patch. I sounds really good. Yeraym 109 2
Silence 4 Cable Method This utility patch is intended to reduce the hum and hiss of your noisy high gain amp. It is composed of 2 noise gates, one for your guitar and another for the amp's FX loop. The patch needs to run in the "4 Cable Method" to work properly. I use this patch to tame the hiss on my Mesa Boogie Mini… Jorge 96 0
Rude Princess Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) This patch requires the new Helix 3.0 Update.Uses the new Fender Princeton Reverb model for some tasty clean and overdrive tones. Jorge 90 0
Acoustic Sim
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) This is a nice Acoustic tone, using the Helix 3.0 Acoustic Sim. Jorge 86 1
Guitar and Mic
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) This is a cool patch for singers/songwriters. 1. Plug your guitar into the regular L/Mono input2. Plug your mic into the L/Mono Aux-in input (on the right hand side of the HX Stomp) - this adapter will allow you to easily hook a standard XLR mic to the HX Stomp or Helix.There you go - adjust the am… Jorge 69 4
Appetite 1/2 Step
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) This patch solves my biggest headache as a guitar player - playing along to GNR's Appetite for Destruction with standard tuning. Uses the new Poly Capo model to virtually tune you down 1/2 a step. Genius!If you own some good IR's (and you should) - substitute the cab choice. You'll get even closer … Jorge 63 0
Killer Reverb Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) Member Goo Fighters of The Gear Page had this cool suggestion, so I tested it on a patch and liked it thru headphones.It's an interesting method of stacking reverbs to get different ambient effects. Jorge 52 0
Bad Wizard Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) This patch requires the new Helix 3.0 update.Hardcore high-gain tone from the Wizard VH4 Lead channel. Jorge 51 0
El Hefe - NOFX
Direct (Recording, Headphone, PA) I tried to capture the tone from the classic Punk in Drublic album.El Hefe is always pictured with his trusty Telecaster, but I read in an interview that he likes to record with a Les Paul, so that's what I used when creating the patch. Also, Hefe is a Mesa Mark amp user, but I thought the Revv amp… Jorge 37 1